Our Values

This is one of those rare Values statements that wasn’t written by the marketing department and actually means something.
What are those values? We wholeheartedly support and appreciate industry.
  • Energy – oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and increasingly renewable – powers our civilization.
  • Ever-improved technology. We recognize it’s not ever-improving technology, because it’s not improving on its own as a given. It is being improved by you, the scientists and engineers. We don’t take it for granted and we appreciate it.
  • Supply chains. The incredible efficiency achieved by the supply chains connecting our world.
  • Mining and manufacturing – we are awed by the engineering and supply chains required to locate, extract, purify and transform raw materials into high technology goods we use today.
  • Robotics. Robotics save human time, and thus human lives. In past generations, these lives were spent performing routine, mind-numbing and body-breaking work. Today, people are freed to pursue meaningful interests and careers, and will be even more so in the future.
  • Construction. Communication. Electronics
We respect you, appreciate you, understand you and support you. Our company is here because of you and for you.