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Customers won’t buy what they don’t understand.

Start at the beginning.

People are trying to meet their own goals. Sometimes they need tools to meet these goals, and some of those times they need to buy the tools. They form an understanding of what they need those tools to do and go looking for where to get them. They hope to find a tool that matches this set of criteria. Often it’s more than what fits on a datasheet. That’s where you and we come in.

Our job in working together is to understand this wish list. The more accurately and completely we understand it, the closer your product will match expectations. Then we begin creating. Those same people looking for ways to meet their goals need to fully, confidently understand how your product, your technology is the tool they need.

Especially when it comes to technology.

This is especially true with technology. It is not self-evident. It’s bought for its capabilities but datasheets only scratch the surface. There is no end to substandard products that nominally meet the specs only to prove unreliable and deficient in the field. And there are tools and machines that reliably serve for generations.

If you make well-designed, high-quality products, it would be a shame and unfair to lose this battle. But how to win it against copycat competitors whose product design is skin-deep and industry customers who only scratch the surface with their research? Take the research to them. Showthem the features, the designs, the capabilities, the reliability, and everything you put into your product that copycats and knockoffs did not. It’s more than the datasheet. Our job is to make sure your prospects understand the difference so they become your clients.

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…Conveying a lot of information…

You understand it – now what? You are selling complex technology that took months or years to create and years or decades to perfect. The hurdle is that you know your products.

You’ve worked with them for years. You may have even designed them. You know the design decisions, material choices, and specs inside and out – and why these things matter.

But your prospects don’t.

They haven’t lived with your products like you have, and usually, unfortunately, they don’t want to spend a lot of time to learn, even if they need it. Attention spans are contracting amid the soundbite tsunami of our day. But they still need to genuinely understand it in order to buy.

Animation does it best.

The challenge: condense months, years of design decisions, capabilities, features, options, applications, and specs into something that people can really, genuinely understand – within minutes.

What are the options?

Datasheets – but they touch the surface. Photos, videos – they show the product, even show it in operation, but the key is what’s inside and there is no way to show it completely. A video will never explain an engine. Diagrams – good for concepts, but still once-sided. Text – if only people had the focus and mental discipline to get into it. Voice – easy to record but hard to understand technical specifics.

What’s left?

The solution that combines all of these options into one: 3D animation. Your prospects will see more than photos and videos can show.

They can see the impossible shot of x-ray vision, product cutaways and transparencies.

They can see product operation at any magnification. Microscopic molecular structure in one shot and the entire product in the text.

They can see the invisible shot of electromagnetic fields, invisible gasses and other invisible forces, influences and effects – akin to a diagram but much better, not abstractly, and as part of the product.

They can hear professionally recorded narration that explains what is shown on the screen and text that supports and explains it alongside.

Animation not only combines all other options into one but does it synergistically, with the final product better than the sum of its many parts.

The result?

A concise, accurate, memorable way to truly, genuinely understand your product and retain this understanding.

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Greater sales tomorrow begin with your decision now.