Workforce Development

A company is its people. It’s the people who study your company, product and competition; it’s the people who keep your deadlines; and it’s the people who ultimately deliver the correct and effective product

How do we ensure our clients can get amazing, business-focused results project after project? By constantly improving the people who work on those projects, enabling them to do their best, and creating a comfortable and effective work environment, along with a work-life balance.

It begins with the heart. Everyone who works at California Technical works here because of truly shared work ethic and values. Being a boutique firm, every one of the limited number of projects we complete monthly gets this kind of treatment from every person involved in its production.

Equipment needs to be overpowered, comfortable, and redundant. Excessive capability is an extra layer of insurance for our client’s projects. Things happen, and extra power guards against unexpected issues, short deadlines, and the human factor – mistakes that can be made by all involved, including our clients.

Comfort is key. We work long hours, and comfortable equipment and furniture keep those hours productive.

Redundancy is another layer of protection for our clients’ projects. We have software and hardware doubles should equipment fail. And it does fail, like anything in the material world. If it does, we fire up another workstation, hard drive or video card, and continue working. Preparedness makes the difference between an inconvenience and a catastrophe.

Training is another direction of workforce development. Here, we have three sub-directions: staff training; market lead study; and internal research and development.

California Technical has an internal scheduled rotation wherein some of us can complete technical training courses (including refreshing the basics, which is more key than many people realize) and practice the material before returning to client work. At the same time, we study industry-leading studios, their work and white papers. Our research and development virtual lab is the proving ground for new ways to model, to work with lighting and materials, more efficient hardware setups and a dash of curiosity-driven “what ifs.”

All of this brings us back to shared values and a shared work ethic. This kind of drive isn’t possible with a nine-to-five mentality, and it needs to be especially, and carefully, nurtured and rewarded. So our leadership works on one last thing: on understanding and building a structured way to bring out every studio member’s potential. And when all of this is combined in a client project, the results work.

We are here to make that happen.