Dental - Crown Procedure

Project Goals

In our lifetimes, human biology is set.

Eight billion people, within a narrow range, have the same teeth and mouth structures susceptible to the same problems and the same solutions.

Countless patients the world over come to their local dentists for the same problems, and are offered – within a narrow range – the same solutions.

Countless hundreds of millions of patients are having the same conversations with their local dentists every day across the globe.

And countless dentists explain the same procedures, over and over, using their local charts, pictures, gestures and words. It's time we added some efficiency into this madness.


Partnering up with a set of dental stakeholders, California Technical Media is creating a large, multi-lingual series of animated videos to explain the procedures anticipated by these hundreds of millions of patients.

No matter the culture or language, a patient no longer has to imagine an unfamiliar, scary procedure.

The dentist shows a known, approved video, explaining the process as the patient watches along.