Video Commercials

Getting people to buy into your products, technology, and company.

This is what an animated video commercial can do for you and the ultimate reason you are considering getting one made.

Call it anything you like: an animation, an animated commercial or an animated video, its job is getting people to buy into what you do, to support it and to buy what you make.

A commercial made for a business purpose is different from just an animated clip, however. It’s designed from the ground up to understand your clients’ world, to show a product that naturally fits into their world view, has ready answers for their unspoken concerns, and just makes sense for them. It’s a business tool first – packaged into a professional aesthetic that matches brand guidelines and expectations.

Is it powerful? You bet.

Your animated commercial is the elevator pitch that you worked on for a month to perfect and then delivered in a flawless way, just like you had intended. Only you can deliver it time and again, across platforms, the web, social media, trade shows, in persons, over Zoom calls – forever and perfect every time.

It is the elevator pitch that you can evolve over time, incorporating newer product lines and changing market conditions.
It is the sales tool that, when properly made, can be effective for many years and can hold its own for close to a decade.
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The first step to getting started with your own animated commercial
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