Basic Product Overview

Unlock Value in Even the Simplest of Products

Every product has a story to tell. There are design decisions, materials and manufacturing decisions, features and best practices, complementary products and stacking up against competitors and alternatives. All of this and more is present in a brick just as in a skyscraper.

So why are we satisfied with a plain data sheet, a basic photo, and call it a day? It’s time to stop leaving money and sales on the table.

A Basic Product Overview vs. an Animated Commercial.

What’s Right for Me?

Basic Product Overview

Best for: product page on a website or trade show.

Straightforward, not very sophisticated product.

Basic feature overview.

Limited to a camera fly-around or product rotating.

Limited to two rounds of revisions.

Normally costs about 1/3 of an Animated Commercial.

Computer-generated or professional narration.

Under one minute long.

Animated Commercial

Best for: websites including home pages, trade shows, sales presentations, fundraising, public relations.

Any product.

Basic or detailed feature overview.

Can include sophisticated animation, cutaway views, liquids, fires, gasses, animated mechanisms or processes.

Normally include three to five rounds of revisions.

Full price.

Professional narration.

Animation length can vary significantly.

A Basic Product Overview is the way to show products like building materials. It makes even the most basic or commonplace product, or one at risk of commoditization, attract and hold attention. It helps to communicate the product’s greater value from alternatives that only rely on basic photography and data sheets.

But the main thing that a Basic Product Overview does for you and your product, a Basic Product Overview helps you sell.