Deployable Solar Power

Project Goals

Accelerating the future of energy not just in the civilian market, but targeting the DoD, a major user of diesel-powered engines and of energy in general, takes explaining a new vision.

The vision of environmentally-friendly energy is an unthinkably new concept for any military in human history.

For most of that history, militaries were not only not concerned with environmental damage, they were unconcerned with collateral human damage.

To approach the most powerful one today with a green energy proposal meant putting a lot of assumptions on their head. Yet, if this project were to succeed, it had to be done.


Like with our other DoD-related work, the presentation comes down to understanding the viewer’s world.

What is it like to be a procurement officer in the DoD?

To be an officer in general?

To run the motor pool, logistics, or combat missions?

What are the known truths, axioms, and givens?

And then how challenge them – relying on new DoD trends; on new industry and political trends?

And this is what we made: an animated video and its related presentation (not presented openly on our website) to accelerate the future of energy in an organization with an 800 billion dollar annual budget that is not keen on having its assumptions challenged.

And our client is gradually succeeding.