ENNAT Warehouse Barrier System

Project Goals

ENNAT Group provides solutions for warehouses and logistics centers. Among their security products are rack protectors and column protectors; low, tunnel, fence, and pedestrian barriers; bollards; column and rack protectors; dock bumpers; delimiters and more.

The company needed to present this variety of products and underlying technologies in a quick, easy to understand, and engaging way, targeting the U.S., English-speaking international, and Spanish-speaking North and South American markets. They retained California Technical Media for help.


A limited selection of their products is presented in a recreated 3D warehouse environment, within multiple situations that regularly occur in warehouses and logistics centers.

These situations are shown with and without ENNAT protective products, along with their consequences.

Warehouse managers and business owners understand the constant liability and risk of injury and property damage in a warehouse environment and can readily recognize both the situations and the significant risk reduction ENNAT’s products provide.

By recreating a warehouse environment, we were able to show a variety of scenarios in a highly accurate, realistic, understandable and cost-efficient way at the same time.