Project Goals

Peloton Interactive is a New York City-based, NASDAQ-listed, American exercise equipment and media company.

It experienced explosive growth during COVID but experienced greater than a 10-time stock price drop from its high around Christmas 2020.

Faced with a perfect storm of lifting COVID restrictions, pent-up consumer demand for the outdoors, a slew of competitors and copycats and inventory problems, the company sought to adjust course.

Among a number of changes announced by Peloton in 2022 was a push to sell Peloton bikes through multiple channels including Amazon and mall kiosks.

The above project was for one of the mall kiosk designs.


With consumers no longer actively shopping for Peloton bikes online like they did during the COVID lockdown, the bike needed to come to them – in the everyday, offline world.

As malls picked up foot traffic to become gathering places as before, a decision was made to place the bikes and the Peloton concept in front of consumers, readily available for them to try out.

We helped to design the kiosk that had several machines to try in private even in a busy shopping mall.

Consumers, in the middle of a busy shopping mall and normally not dressed in fitness clothes, needed a private way to try out the equipment, watch the quick instructional and benefits video, and key in their contact information.

All that was achieved with the design you see above.