Stainless Turnkey Thin Film Distillation

Project Goals

Across International is a major player in the manufacture of heat treatment, laboratory, and material processing equipment.

Among many other industries, Across supplies the active American cannabis processing market. But the market is as active as it is crowded both by domestic and foreign competitors.

One of the flagship products Across manufactures is the Stainless Turnkey Thin Film Distillation ETL. It is a major, flagship product, and a big revenue driver.

Unfortunately, the only sales materials available at the time of our work were data sheets, some basic photos, and a basic diagram – none of which did the product justice.

The goal, then, was to present this product at trade shows, quickly highlight its main features, and generate interest for follow-up discussions.


California Technical Media created a polished, medium paced 50-second commercial that played at multiple trade shows where Across exhibited.

The commercial played on multiple screens on repeat, serving as an automatic sales pitch and giving interested attendees a topic starter to speak about with exhibit booth staff, both saving time and making the conversations more productive.