3 Reasons Why 2022 Will Be “The Perfect Storm” for CTV Advertising

The CTV advertising industry has changed a lot in the last few years. CTV is a great advertising platform for businesses in 2022?

Connected TV (CTV), has been on the radar of advertisers for a while because they want to be able to reach audiences everywhere. However, there have been some challenges. One is that advertising technology has not caught up with the idea yet. Another challenge is that "traditional" advertisers are hesitant to adopt the new platform.

The CTV advertising industry has changed a lot over the last few years. There are now things we can and can't control. This is making us go in a new direction. There are three main factors to consider: advancements in technology, changing views from both a brand and advertiser perspective on the capabilities of CTV, and a distinct mindset change in how we advertise. These things have come together to create the perfect storm for CTV advertising to explode in 2022.

Advancements in technology have made CTV advertising more seamless

When you are doing something new, it is very important to have all the tools you need to make it go well. The same is true for advertising on any platform. Technology is the most important part of advertising on a streaming platform. Recently, there have been many advancements in technology that have made streaming platforms better. These advancements have cleaned up the ad break and created a more positive experience for viewers.

These changes don't stop with the technology that runs the ads. They have also invaded the technology around ads. Significant strides have been made in the last 12 months to see if people can buy things from their living room TV by activating viewers on a second screen such as a mobile phone. This has included using QR codes, an invention from 30 years ago that finally took center stage around the world because of the pandemic.

Some people think that shoppable experiences might make CTV advertising more powerful. This is because viewers are more engaged and encouraged to actually participate in the ads they are watching.

As technology continues to advance, advertisers are recognizing the benefits of using technology to create more positive and personalized ad experiences. These experiences go beyond just data and focus on the creative aspects of advertising. Additionally, viewers are more likely to engage with these ads.

Changing perspective on what makes an ad "good"

Some people are very set in their ways and do not like change. Even if there are changes happening all around them, they will continue to do things the way they have always done them because it works for them.

For a long time, advertising was based on the idea that if something wasn't broken, there was no need to fix it. However, because of changing consumer behavior and the global pandemic, advertisers have had to reevaluate how they do business. When ad budgets were cut last year, advertisers and brands had to rethink what they considered a successful campaign. They realized that "brand awareness" is not enough; they now expect to see a lift in consideration and even performance as a result of their campaigns.

Advertisers and brands want to know how many people are looking at their advertisements. They also want to know if the advertisement has made any impact on the person's decision to buy something. Right now, it is difficult to measure the success of an advertisement on CTV. However, as measurement tools continue to improve, we will be able to better understand what is working and what is not. This will make CTV a more appealing option because of the benefits it already offers.

There is no universal approach to advertising

Advertisers and brands have learned a lot from last year. One of the most important things they learned is that agility is very important. Things change very quickly in our lives, and our values change along with them. Advertisers need to be able to adapt quickly, too. There are now CTV ad formats that allow brands to use the spots around their ads to add personalized messages to their national ads. This helps viewers get ready for the ad before it airs.

TV advertising is changing. Advertisers and brands now have more flexibility to show ads "in real time" on TV. This is important because it means they can change their ads quickly if they need to.

Many people are now watching TV through connected TVs. This has led advertisers and brands to see it as a prime platform for campaigns. In other words, this is a playground for complete and utter disruption, and 2022 could just be the year that all of that disruption takes shape.

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