5 Popular Types of Animation Used in Video Marketing

Businesses are using animation styles in their videos to engage with their target audience.

Businesses are using animation styles in their videos to engage with their target audience. Animation is an innovative and cost-effective way to communicate with your target audience.

In order to capture and retain viewers' attention, marketers need to do everything possible. This includes using video marketing, which can add energy and movement to the viewer experience. Animated videos can be used by companies of all sizes in any industry to tell stories, explain complex processes, and grab attention.

Different businesses are using different animation styles in their videos to engage with their target audience. There are many different animation techniques, and here are five popular types of animation used for commercial videos.

#1. 2D animation

Animation that combines two dimensions (width and height) is commonly called traditional animation. It uses multiple drawings or images to create the illusion of movement. Modern technology has made this type of animation more versatile, and it remains one of the most popular forms of animation.

#2. 3D animation

Three dimension animation makes objects look like they are moving in three dimensions. Using the latest computer graphics, this type of animation makes videos more realistic and engaging. To create a high-tech look, Blend partnered with Redspace to create a brand documentary video that combines 2D and 3D animation.

#3. Screencast animation

This type of animation uses screen captures and narration to show people how a service or product works. This is a good way to explain something that is digital, complex, or intangible. For example, Carmines used this type of animation to create a product launch video for their subscription based service for fleet tracking.

#4. Motion graphics

Motion graphics is a type of graphic design that uses animation to communicate a story or idea. This can be done by using simple graphics, colors, shapes, and text. Often, motion graphics are used to tell a story that wouldn't be possible to tell with just pictures or video. For example, Blend used motion graphics to create an animated product video for Arcturus' highly advanced RNA medicines.

#5. Animation combined with live action

This style of animation makes it easy to create videos that show real-life situations. You can layer animation on top of live-action footage to make any concept easier to understand. For example, the Lumo Bodytech product video uses this type of animation to reveal the magic of their groundbreaking biometric sensor technology.

Animated videos are a great way to simplify concepts. They are customizable, efficient, and engaging. They can also be very effective in marketing videos and corporate video productions. Having an animated video can increase audience engagement, brand awareness, and sales conversions. If you want to find a way to increase your site's conversion rates and make money, using video with animation to sell your product or explain your service is the answer.

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