Creating Buzz for Your Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry is growing quickly and getting a lot of attention from the media.

The cannabis industry is growing quickly and getting a lot of attention from the media. Companies are announcing new products and the industry is getting excited. You've probably seen this happen as a business owner in the cannabis industry. When a company announces a new product, you see coverage everywhere.

  • Why and how does that happen?
  • How do you get a lot of people to watch what you do?
  • What makes a story worth being on air or in print?
  • How does cannabis press go from being industry-specific to mainstream media?

You need to start thinking like a Public Relations professional. The media likes to share things with the public. If you can create a story that is related to what you are promoting, you may have a chance to impress the press and get some publicity. Additionally, using public relations tactics can help ignite social media efforts naturally.

As a business owner, how can you capitalize on the media coverage of the Cannabis Wedding Expo to expand your reach? 

What can you do to make your business known to more people?

Position your press

You should position your press release in a way that makes people want to read it. People like to feel like they are in the know, so try to tap into current trends in the news. If you can, try to ride the wave of press that is already happening on a certain topic. This will help attract more attention to your release.

Be strategic

You need to be strategic when marketing your home. You should think about who your target market is and what they are interested in. You can find this out by looking at the blogs and articles they are reading, and who their influencers are.

What other industries does your service or product impact?

For example, if you are a cannabis packaging company, are you also creating strategies for the cannabis market and the packaging industry? Let's say you design an incredible edibles Easter basket. You need to reach beyond the edibles market. Are you reaching out to florists? Culinary press? Sending non-infused versions of your basket to press in non-legal states? Get creative with your outreach avenues.

Create a story

People who want their product to get covered by the press often contact the press. But it's important to think like an editor and figure out what is worthy of coverage. Just because your company is launching a new product doesn't mean that the press will be interested in covering it. Maybe there is a story related to your product that IS worth covering. Did your product have a life-changing impact on a customer? THAT'S something the press might be interested in hearing about. Be authentic in your passion for the impact your company is having on the industry. Passion is infectious and can motivate coverage from the press.

Make it easy

Make it easy for the press to find information about you. Have your style guide ready so they can get the information they need. Be accessible to them and have great pictures of your product. The easier it is for them, the more likely you are to be covered by the press.

A few DON’Ts for press coverage

Don’t send cannabis directly to media

Your goal is to get your idea across and develop a relationship with media outlets. Save the smoke-sesh for celebrating your coverage!

Don’t allow uninteresting people to represent your product

If you have an interview coming up, make sure you know about the product you're selling, your target market, and your goals. You should also be very charismatic when talking about the product- people are just as likely to buy into the person selling the product as they are the product itself.

In conclusion

It can be intimidating to think about how to get people excited about your product or service and why they should choose to follow you. It's essential that you think about how and why your story is worth telling, and make sure your efforts are based on that belief. You have the power to create your story and share it with your audience. Make yourself memorable.

Remember, continue going as far as you can see, and when you reach the end of what you can see, keep going!

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