EV adoption is higher where consumers see more electric vehicles, studies show

Studies have shown that electric vehicle adoption is higher where people see more electric vehicles.

People are more likely to buy an electric car when they see them around. This is according to a survey done by Consumer Reports and a research report from the National Center for Sustainable Transportation. The studies showed that when people talk to or know others who own electric cars, it influences their decision to buy one.

People who have more experience with electric cars (EVs) are less likely to be worried about certain barriers, like the price or the availability of charging stations. Mary Greene, senior policy counsel for CR's sustainability policy team, said this.

Consumer Reports asked people four questions about their experience with electric-only vehicles. These questions were: whether they had seen an electric-only vehicle in their neighborhood; if they had a friend, relative or co-worker who owns an EV; if they had been a passenger in an EV in the past 12 months; or if they’d driven one in that timeframe.

More than half of the people who were surveyed said that they have some experience with EVs. The survey also found that 20% of people who said they would definitely buy or lease an EV as their next car have driven one.

The NCST report assessed the role of exposure to zero-emission vehicles at home or at work in California. Researchers were studying the idea that “increased numbers of [electric] vehicles on the road contribute to increasing awareness and knowledge levels on the part of the general population, and this continued exposure will make people more likely to accept these new technologies.”

The study found that people are more likely to buy electric cars if their friends and family have them, as well as if the government offers policies that make electric cars more affordable and accessible.

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