How to Create a Branded Video for your company

There are a few steps in creating a branding video for your company. The first is deciding on the benefits of the video.

Then you will need to choose an agency to create it. You will need to approve the final product before it's released. Finally, you will need to cast actors for the video.

Define the need and benefits of branded video

Before creating a video, you need to get buy in from your company's internal stakeholders. This means that you need to show them how the video will help the company and how it can be used. You should also share examples of good videos that have been made by other companies. Then, once everyone agrees, you can create a budget and schedule for the video. You should also think about where to distribute the video- both paid and unpaid methods.

Choose a trusted creative agency

It is important to find the right agency partner. There are many talented independent creative agencies to choose from. You will want to find an agency that has experience in the category you are looking for. While category experience is not always necessary, you will want to see a track record of compelling work done for a variety of brands. Once you have found an agency with the type of experience you are looking for, it is important to gauge their passion and professionalism. They will need plenty of both to get through a process successfully with your firm.

Make sure that the creative ideas for your project are based on deep insights from consumer research. The creative ideation needs to be built on a strong strategic foundation, so investigate their process. Lastly, make sure they can help with distribution. You'll have your own external and internal channels to worry about, but it's always good to have an agency partner that can add meaningful traction here as well.

Manage tightly the approval process

It is important to define who the stakeholders are, but it is also important to define who the stakeholders are not. The video will be for the whole company, but it is best to produce it with a small group of people who are trusted and make decisions. If you don't have this freedom, it will be more difficult to make the video.

Make sure that everyone understands what the video is going to do. The video will give a lot of information and be very helpful. But make sure that you set goals for the video and make sure they are achievable. You should also track how well the video does what it is supposed to do.

Casting for your video

Make sure that the people who are representing your brand in videos are natural and believable. Consumers want to see authenticity in branded content. The talent should be someone that they can relate to, but also someone they want to be like.

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