Inbound Methodology and Video Marketing

Learn how video content can help you market your business.

Learn how video content can help you market your business. Video content is great for inbound marketing, and it can work well with other marketing strategies you are using.

When used correctly, marketing with inbound methodology can attract and engage customers in a helpful way. Inbound makes you the solution to their problem, and it is easy for them to find you. It is also simple to keep customers coming back. Video marketing pairs perfectly with an inbound strategy; it can amplify the effectiveness of existing content and provide another avenue for customers learn more about your brand.

The inbound marketing methodology supports a customer through their buyer's journey. This is done by attracting, engaging, and delighting customers and potential customers by using content, SEO, landing pages, sales automation, CRM, and other marketing activities. When creating video content for inbound marketing purposes, your goal should be to attract the ideal audience, engage them with useful and helpful quality content, and delight them to the point that they promote your brand by sharing your video with their network. In order to achieve this goal, you must create quality video content for each stage of the inbound process.

Stage one is to attract

When making a video, the goal is to turn strangers into people who visit your website. People at this stage are considering their problems and whether or not they want to find a solution. So, in creating video content, you should try to understand their problems. As this might be the first interaction some people have with your brand, you want to make a good impression by creating content that is meaningful and memorable while focusing on the goal of expanding your brand's reach as well as building trust and credibility. An example of an attract video is below.

Stage two is to engage

Now that you have people watching your video, the next step is to keep their attention. You can do this by providing insights into their problems and giving them solutions. Videos in the "engage" stage are meant to turn your video viewers into sales leads.

To create content that will convince people to become customers, videos that help people see themselves using your brand's service or product and succeeding are important. Videos can use emotion to draw people in and show them how the product works. This can make it more likely for people to buy, but it also has the potential to get people to promote your brand.

Stage three is delight

The final stage of the inbound journey is delight. The goal during this stage is to keep providing high-quality content to viewers that makes their interaction with your brand's service or product as great as possible. An instructional video to help customers get set-up with their purchase, or even a series of explainer videos that show all the potential uses and features of a product, catering to consumers who prefer to be their own self-service expert are examples of videos that can be used to delight and retain viewers.

You want customers who are happy with your product or service. They will tell their friends and family about their good experience. That is called being a brand ambassador.

Video content is a great way to market your business. You can use it to complement your other marketing efforts. It can also help you attract more traffic, leads, and customers. The key to success with inbound marketing is delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. When you give your audience value, they will be more likely to stick around and become customers themselves.

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