Managing Business During COVID-19

What we are doing to continue our business while there is a pandemic.

We will continue to lead the creative ideation, writing, and pre-production work from Los Angeles remotely. This will keep everyone safe and limit contact. For the productions themselves, we will have to be very flexible about where we choose to shoot based on timing and client needs. We film primarily in and around Los Angeles, but we also have deep experience filming across the country and throughout Europe, Seoul, Reykjavik, Uruguay, and elsewhere. When we shoot, we will follow the best practices for COVID production... which currently include the white paper submitted to the Governors of CA and NY.

These include: Remote media workflows. Mandatory COVID compliance officer. Limited crew size. Contactless pre-production workflow. Remote casting. Remote video village + camera streaming. Staggered work times for crew and talent. No buffet foods. Regular, periodic testing of cast & crew. Contactless equipment rentals. Remote real time direction. Mandatory masks. Handwashing stations.

Remember that the COVID compliance standards for on set and on location shooting will change over time. Right now, we are using small crews and testing everyone every day. As we move forward and produce larger shoots, our business model will be prepared to serve clients safely and effectively.

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