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Increasing Sales of Technical Equipment

Increasing Sales of Technical Equipment
When helping you to increase technical sales, we use an approach we call "The Missing Piece of the Puzzle" (tm). Its essence lies in the understanding that your clients already have a complete system in mind, a puzzle of sorts that needs one missing piece to be complete. That missing piece is your product.  

Fundraising for Technology

“For Tech Startups, the Party Is Over”wrote the Wall Street Journal recently. “Funding is suddenly scarce as venture capital firms grow stingy, forcing young companies to get frugal and focus on breaking even.”

Fundraising was always a challenge for many companies, but now, in times of post-Covid uncertainty, it is fast becoming harder still. Investors are looking for safer havens and more certain returns. Disrupted supply chains and labor markets, disrupted fiscal policies, war and its consequences in Europe, all lower investor appetite for risk. There is less funding available but always new contenders, startups and ideas vying for that smaller pie. How to succeed?

The investors themselves - Angels and VCs - know what works in securing their interest and funding. But they can't teach startup founders who pitch them because investors need a clear, unbiased pitch to evaluate, so they can't skew your presentation. Another group that knows what works is our Agency. We have produced investor pitch decks for nearly a decade since 2013 and know how to present new technology in a compelling way. Remember that people need to understand in order to buy. They need to understand not only your technology but also the market, the buyers, their world and state of mind. How to understand, synethesize and present this information is the difference between a successful raise and failure.

Greater sales tomorrow begin with your decision now.